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FAM is a collective of architectural designers, formed in 2016, based in New York City, NY, and Cambridge, MA. We endeavor to build spaces in which familiarity breeds empathy, and in which anyone can find respite from an increasingly hostile world.


In addition to being former classmates at the Harvard Graduate School of Design, we are also, in various combinations, friends, roommates, professional collaborators, academic partners, and lovers. Our shared experiences and individual attitudes inform our work as we work together as equals.


FAM would like to thank Dr. Niklas Maak, professor, journalist, and theoretician, for his ongoing guidance in our endeavors.

Steph Conlan

Julian Funk

Gregory Logan

Giancarlo Montano

Nancy Nichols

Elizabeth Pipal

Jen Saura

Christopher SooHoo

Dana Wu

FAM is a __________

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